What’s on TV?

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2 thoughts on “What’s on TV?”

  1. Thank you Julia davis.
    As a Norwegian we live with the vodka smell right out of windows. We have a border towards Russia. My mother always told me that if I lie, my tongue will turn blue. It is strange that Russian officials do not understand that it will not help talking, if you have wrecked your own credibility with stupid lies.

    The have a foreign minister over there that call the shooting of the HM17 Malaysian airliner something the Ukrainian separatists must have done, and US satellite photos showing Russian troops invading Ukraine at night for something cut out from a computer game….It is clear that in Russia it is year 1929 still, as long as they dont think the rest of the world is a part third world country like that, this will go on.

  2. My hat off to you Julia Davis!! You’re the greatest defender of evidenced-based facts and likely the biggest pain in the arrse for RasPutin!! Canada loves you!

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